Olivmont soaps are completely natural handmade herb soaps which contain 70% of cold processed olive oil. They also contain natural basic oils and essential oils. They are handmade and keep all the natural elements. These special soaps nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. They also help against dermatitis, fungal diseases, dandruff and they have aroma therapeutic characteristics. These soaps are specified for face care, skin care and hair care. Each soap is unique. 


Olivmont soaps are one of the official Montenegro souvenirs.  


Olivmont soaps are authentic because: 


- They contain cold processed virgin olive oil from the olive tree sort ‘zutica’ which grows around Bar 

- All the other oils which are added are also cold processed 

- They are all cold processed in order to keep their beneficial traits 

- The natural glycerin stays in the soap 

- They are handmade in wooden moulds 

- All soaps incubate 3 weeks in order to have a natural balanced Ph like the skin 

- They contain high quality essential oils 

- They have no chemical additives 

- They are packed in natural materials 

- They are environment-friendly 


Olivmont soaps are available in packages from 85gr. to 100gr. 


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